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Couples Therapy

An extensive part of our practice involves working with couples. We help couples find solutions to relationship difficulties such as: communication problems, finances, household chores, parenting, sex, and extended family issues.

Sometimes, when couples do not communicate well or resolve their conflicts, resentment and anger can build in the relationship.  At Counselling Associates we give couples the communication tools they need to have a happier relationship. For example, at periodic milestones in the therapeutic process, couples explore communication exercises that they can practice in between therapy sessions.   

When individuals decide to form a union as a couple they embark on a challenging journey. At the beginning of the journey they create a third entity, the “couple”. The “couple” entity has needs to be attended to, just like you have individual needs that you attend to.  This entails considerable give and take and sometimes leads to relationship conflict and stalemate.  Communicating effectively with your partner can help identify each of your individual needs and the needs of the “couple”.  This will help prevent the relationship from becoming stressed, worn and tarnished.

Couple counselling involves helping couples find solutions to relationship problems.  Through couple counselling, we help couples work together in a partnership to find solutions to their problems.  Occasionally the counselling is long term.  Usually however, couples find solutions to their problems in a small number of sessions.  If both partners feel their relationship is worth saving, there is still hope and couple counselling becomes an investment in the future of the “couple”.

Improved communication skills can prevent anger and resentment from building in a relationship. Many couples find their sex life is more fulfilling once the issues of communicating and conflict resolution are addressed.  

Upon completion of the counselling, couples often come back on a semi-annual or annual basis for couple refreshment work.