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Seven Keys to a Happy Couple
  1. Keep your relationship your top priority. Make time for each other. Compliment each other often. Each day, do or say something that conveys the message:
    "I love you and you are very important to me."

  2. Pay attention to everyday behaviour, to the little things. A healthy relationship needs healthy everyday interactions between the partners to the relationship.

  3. Cherish each other's uniqueness. Encourage individual growth and allow each other the room to be an individual.

  4. Listen attentively to each other. Make eye contact and communicate in a caring sensitive way. Turn the television off. Check if what you hear is what your partner means. (We're very often wrong on this!)

  5. Strive for an honest and open relationship, but don't use honesty to hurt your partner.

  6. Fight fair when you must fight - don't bring up old issues. Stay on the issue which concerns you.

  7. Leave work at work. Take personal time to unwind if you need to, but don't take work related problems out on your mate or family.

We're all rusty at these things, but with help we can learn ways to make our relationships happy.

Make a list of the things you think make your relationship meaningful. Ask your spouse to do the same and share your lists with each other.